Tunde Abass
by on August 21, 2017
( This blog is constantly going to be updated and the top 5 list will change based on users and employees feedback) 4 SIGNS THAT RACISM MAY BE AN ISSUE IN YOUR WORKPLACE, WHICH ARE 1. STEREOTYPING 2. HOSTILITY 3. OVERCRITICAL 4. CONSISTENTLY OVERLOOKED Racial discrimination is a growing issue, with almost a third of employees witnessing or experiencing racism at work in the last year alone. Here, We attempt to warn of signs observed by employees of the listed companies and how HR responds to such allegations or other cases are basis of this ranking. With more than 24,000 employees surveyed in the Race at Work report, conducted by racial equality charity Business in the Community, the research found 80% of employees in the US that have witnessed or experienced racial harassment in the workplace have done so in the last year alone, an increase from previous years. Furthermore, minority groups stated they felt more isolated in the business world, with only 15% of Corporate America's employees feeling they are a valued member of their team, compared to 91% of white employees Top 5 North America's most racist working environment 1. Allegis Group ( we investigated the business approach to resolving Employee issues, and concluded that race and every element mentioned above influences their outcome). We hope this will change under the new leadership 2. Wal Mart Stores 3. Abercrombie & Fitch 4. General Electric 5. Cracker Barrel restaurant